Wednesday, November 18, 2009

July of '07 - September of '09

(Picture taken July of 2007)
I absolutely CANNOT believe I'm posting this picture anywhere on the world wide web, BUT... This is the photo that started it all. I saw this and was mortified. At this point I weighed about 220 lbs and wore a size 18 in jeans... I was at 160 when I got pregnant with my first son only 2 years prior to this and was wearing size 9 - 11 in juniors jeans.... It was a lot of weight to pack on in 2 years and took a serious toll on my back, feet, knees, emotions, and self-esteem.

By New Years of '08 I had only dropped 6 lbs since the previous summer, weighing in at 214. So... I started Weight Watchers. I dropped 15 pounds, but it took me 6 months to do it, taking me to this point...

(June 2008)

(June 2008)

September of 2008 I got another burst of motivation after an annual doctor's appointment where I weighed in at 199 still.

(September 2008, the day of the doctor's visit) I had dropped 15 lbs in 9 months, and that was not fast enough progress to help my chi at all! So I got my focus back and started working out and watching my portions again...

(May 2009)
(end of May of 2009)

And here's the most recent pics I have. 55 lbs lighter and I'm back in my size 9-11 juniors jeans!

(September 2009 - 20 months after the journey began.)

More updates to come at a later date because it's still a work in progress!! I've got about 15 more pounds to go, but it sure feels good to see 61 lbs difference between the first picture and the last. I needed to blog this to be encouraged and motivated to go the rest of the way. The holidays are coming up and I refuse to fall off the wagon (or break it)!


  1. WOO HOO, look at you!! You have done an amazing job and look fan-freakin-tastic! :) I don't see where you still have 15 to lose but you need to be where you feel comfortable! Just know I would give my right arm to look like you right now! :) Thanks for the motivation and for laying it out there!!

  2. Julia! Thank you SO much for sharing this!!! You are such an inspiration to me!!! Love you girl!

  3. O wow Julia...You look so good. What is your weight right now? 159? I so need to loose my weight also. Are you still involved in WW? Or just watching portions and working out. Are you working out at home or going somewhere? You can message me off facebook if you want with all of these answers...:)

  4. FREAKING gorgeous~As always! You are amazing! I wish I could lose and look great...but I work at it and it seems like nothing....keep up the posts and give us your secrets;)

    <3 you girl. You are inspiring, along with my cousin!! ;)

  5. Is this the blog you are going to be updating or do you have a new one? I love seeing your fotos cause you are just gorgeous and such an inspiration of REAL life....busy, hard working wife and mommy doing her best! Thats all we can do, right!? :) Hugs and love and hope to see more updates soon.....