Wednesday, November 18, 2009

July of '07 - September of '09

(Picture taken July of 2007)
I absolutely CANNOT believe I'm posting this picture anywhere on the world wide web, BUT... This is the photo that started it all. I saw this and was mortified. At this point I weighed about 220 lbs and wore a size 18 in jeans... I was at 160 when I got pregnant with my first son only 2 years prior to this and was wearing size 9 - 11 in juniors jeans.... It was a lot of weight to pack on in 2 years and took a serious toll on my back, feet, knees, emotions, and self-esteem.

By New Years of '08 I had only dropped 6 lbs since the previous summer, weighing in at 214. So... I started Weight Watchers. I dropped 15 pounds, but it took me 6 months to do it, taking me to this point...

(June 2008)

(June 2008)

September of 2008 I got another burst of motivation after an annual doctor's appointment where I weighed in at 199 still.

(September 2008, the day of the doctor's visit) I had dropped 15 lbs in 9 months, and that was not fast enough progress to help my chi at all! So I got my focus back and started working out and watching my portions again...

(May 2009)
(end of May of 2009)

And here's the most recent pics I have. 55 lbs lighter and I'm back in my size 9-11 juniors jeans!

(September 2009 - 20 months after the journey began.)

More updates to come at a later date because it's still a work in progress!! I've got about 15 more pounds to go, but it sure feels good to see 61 lbs difference between the first picture and the last. I needed to blog this to be encouraged and motivated to go the rest of the way. The holidays are coming up and I refuse to fall off the wagon (or break it)!